Antwan Michael

TurnStyle Music Group Presents

Antwan Michael

Adam Zuniga, Automagik, Bree Ann, Casual Hearts, Boy Wonder

Thu, July 12, 2012

7:00 pm

Ella Lounge

New York, NY


This event is 21 and over

Antwan Michael - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
Antwan Michael
If you haven't heard the name Antwan Michael yet, it's only a matter of time until you do. Hailing from Hightstown, N.J., this 21-year-old singer/songwriter is anything but traditional. He flirts with nearly every musical genre, making him a unique find. "My plan is that I want to create my own genre - which isn't a genre. Music is an expression; so in every way shape or form I want it to be just that. I want it to be an expression of everything that's happened to me. I just want it to be honest."
With honesty on his side, Michael is in the midst of putting the final touches on his debut album. However, his album is far from the first of his musical endeavors - his arsenal is filled with many character-building experiences. Michael has been interested in music since middle school. He tried out for school plays and temporarily enrolled in a school that specialized in performing arts. When the school shut down, he still continued forward with his musical pursuits.
At the young age of 16, Michael first auditioned for American Idol, and did so every year following. His greatest accomplishment with the show was in season nine, where he made it to the top-50 contestants. "I was 43 out of the top 50, but who's counting?" Michael playfully comments. Not going as far as he would have hoped in the Idol competitions, he decided to cultivate his talents by his own means. Reaching out to local recording studio Studio3NJ, headed by Richard Taylor, Michael compiled a tentative 12-track album he intends to drop within the next eight to 12 weeks.
The debut album is titled, Where I Want To Be. Michael claims, "It's like my child - straight up - my child." The album's first single is set to be an R & B track titled, "Stone Cold." Well-known producer Pete Kuzma produced this track and it's set to be featured on the VenLabs app DimSong.
Michael's musical future holds much potential and he feels that where he is at in his musical career is ideal right now. "Right now in my life - at this very moment, by 21 - I wanted to have a full album recorded, and I'm exactly where I want to be."
Adam Zuniga - (Set time: 7:00 PM)
Adam Zuniga
“I want to take the guitar and move it forward,” says guitarist and composer Adam Zuniga. And that’s just what he does on his aptly named second album, Discoveries, plus the some 100 plus gigs he plays yearly in San Antonio, the city where he resides and his music has become part of the local landscape.

Deftly balanced on the fulcrum of tradition and innovation, Zuniga’s guitar instrumentals open new modern vistas and bring freshness to the musical roots that provide the foundation for his playing and compositions. Channeling his nylon string guitar through effects and electronics, Zuniga excels at drawing from time-honored Latin and other guitar styles and grooves and weaving them into a vivid and stunning melodic tapestry that includes threads of jazz, World beat, fusion, electro, ambient, chill-out, dub, techno and more with splashes of rock and pop, blending any and all elements he draws from into an organically coherent sound. And at the same time he creates indelible and engaging melodies that convey rich emotional content and imagery without a single word.
Automagik - (Set time: 8:00 PM)
Bree Ann - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
Bree Ann
singer-songwriter with a jazz theory and theatrical background, Bree’s music is thematically inspired by the jazz and blues songs of the 1930s and 40s while utilizing the musical style and instrumentation of indie pop/rock artists such as Andrew Bird, Lilly Allen, Amy Winehouse, St Vincent, Regina Spector, and Pearl and The Beard.

Bree enjoys integrating the unique themes of her venues into her shows, whether it involves donning eccentric themed outfits or splicing a relevant selection of covers into her standard performance set.

In her past two years in the Brooklyn and Manhattan area, she has established artist residencies with Idos Sushi in Manhattan and The Way Station in Brooklyn. Her singles “Isolde” and “She Knows” are available for listening on iTunes and CDBaby. Her first independent EP will be released in summer 2012.
Casual Hearts - (Set time: 11:00 PM)
Casual Hearts
Casual Hearts is a hybrid of rock and melodic hip-hop with a heavy influence of pop music and dance sensibility with a hint of r&b characteristics.

On first impression Casual Hearts might seem like a unique band, with a lot of chemistry boasting a lineup of 5 talented musicians that came together without a hitch. This first impression is quite accurate once you disregard the fact that members have had long journeys that crossed paths and ultimately lead to the band you know today. In late 2008 Chase Winters had become conflicted about the direction he would take his aspiring music career in. After six years of recording demos, selling discs, performing at showcases and consulting with independent label executives he decided he wanted to broaden the sound he started to create by forming a band. A band that would represent the voice of the average everyday person with a sound that would break genre barriers, a band that would be called Casual Hearts.
By working with others with the same goals and their own creative ideas it was a no-brainer that the sound would evolve into something phenomenal. After weeks of networking with other musicians rounding up a guitarist,bassist and drummer Chase was introduced to Jo Wright a local singer who had moved to New York from California. Although Jo wasn't involved in any projects he sang his whole life in school and church choirs with aspirations of one day finding an opportunity to showcase his vocal abilities so without hesitation he joined the band. Within 6 months Casual Hearts Recording their Debut EP Primetime Trauma with Rob Kissner at Media Recording Studios where Linkin Park, The Jonas Brothers and Twisted Sister previously recorded. Things started to look promising and they felt as if the band was complete, they couldn't be more wrong.
After months of playing it became more and more apparent that some individuals didn't have the passion for music to make the necessary sacrifices for it leaving Chase and Jo as the only steady members through several lineup changes that halted progress for the better half of 2009. Suddenly 2010 offered a ray of hope . Through one of the defunct members Andrew Ruiz was brought into the band to take over as the lead guitarist/songwriter and additional vocalist. Andrew Ruiz had been playing with local bands for several years and at the tender age of 16 he was invited to play with Peter Toh after impressing him with his astonishing guitar skills. This soon lead to Andrew temporarily playing for Jive Recording Artist Lil' Mama. After accomplishing that much in a short period of time Andrew decided that he wouldn't to be apart of project that he could call his own and eventually change music with.
It didn't take long for Andrew to decide that Casual Hearts was the ground-breaking project that he wanted to be a part of. Andrew recruited two members of his former band Spin Cinema that would become the rhythm section of the band. Bassist Jeff Yamada and Drummer Alex Ruiz. Alex Ruiz, Andrew's brother a wunderkind in his own right had came in 2nd place in the Crazy Donkey Drum Off at only 13 years old. His eclectic taste in music and drumming expertise was just what Casual Hearts needed. Jeff Yamada played in many various hardcore and pop-punk bands and when longtime friend Andrew asked him to join the band he took a liking to the sound and joined after two rehearsal with the band.
The chemistry in band was undeniable and finally the band had things in place to embark on their journey to make an impact on Rock/Popular music. Launching their online series of short videos, writing new music and doing guerrilla marketing unlike any other things started to take a turn for the better. But what's any journey without roadblocks? After performing a few shows including one with national touring act Patent Pending Andrew had to get radial head replacement surgery on his elbow due to repetitive strain on his arm . But as they say road blocks are created to separate the ones who want it from the ones who don't. Despite the setback Andrew struggled through the affliction and redeemed playing with the band only a few months after surgery despite his doctors warnings.
Today Casual Hearts continues to play and continues to push through all obstacles to in order to secure their spot as one of Rocks premiere acts. Currently playing venues in New York City as well as in their Hometown of Long Island, NY with plans of touring this year Casual Hearts continue to impress crowds and executives with their unique brand of Rock. With influences ranging from Hardcore and everything between to mainstream pop Casual Hearts provides a sound that will advance and make a serious impact music in the upcoming years.
Boy Wonder - (Set time: 12:00 AM)
Boy Wonder
In the four short years since that first gig Boy Wonder has become one of Philadelphia's most promising and interesting young artists delivering a high energy blend of Pop Music that blends Funk, Rock, Soul, Blues, Hip-Hop and Jazz.
Venue Information:
Ella Lounge
9 Avenue A
New York, NY, 10009