TurnStyle Music Group Presents


Mister Jolly, TENREC

Sat, July 14, 2012

7:00 pm


New York, NY


This event is 21 and over

ADM - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
ADM (nee Adam Charleston) is a 35-year-old NYC singer songwriter who, through the use of futuristic Protools magic is also every member of the band. Ask ADM what he plays and he’ll simply say “rock-n-roll” ever conscious not to appear as the pretentious rock-n-roller he not so secretly longs to be. Ask him when no one’s around and he’d probably call his music a cross between Sober-era Nine Inch Nails and Dylan going electric.

ADM has just released “Heavy Meta”, his 6th self produced full-length album and considers it his finest LP to date. The album draws on themes of Love in the Time of Chaos, honest self-exorcism & plain old non-sense freedom rock. From the bone-rattle rap of “Anti-Drone Motorcycle Club” to the sexified hypnosis of “My Friends Call This ‘The Stripper Song’; from the 10 minute break-up/apocalyptic thrill ride of “9:53/The End of the End of the US” to the pop jewels of “Bang!” and “Love Her or Leave Her Alone” ADM runs the gamut of form and substance, all the while maintaining a definitive style and sound. “Heavy Meta” offers stories and pastiches to give listeners something to think about while hitting the highway at 80 miles per hours, top down; seatbelt optional. What that something is… I don’t know.

ADM’s music career started at age 12, sneaking into Far Rockaway to record rap records with the DJ from the Kings of Pressure. His music evolved from rap into metal, another natural progression. Then, as he began taking copious amounts of narcotics and drinking heavily, ADM delved into the world of psychedelic country and psycho-billy.

Now, sober, and not at all preachy about it, ADM has brought together all of his past influences to create “Heavy Meta”. The artist and music are now being promoted on iTunes, YouTube, etc. Live selections are being played anywhere someone will let ADM unsling his guitar, “El Gato Verde” and rock out. Will something come of it? Compared to the ability to write and perform satisfying love songs, it doesn’t matter. As ADM sings in the epic final track on his latest album, “John Carter of EARTH”, “Love lost, love gone… I will carry on.” Wait, that’s not in that song. In fact, that’s not- you know what, I just made that up. Guess I’ll save it for the next album, “Destroy All Lines”.
Mister Jolly - (Set time: 7:00 PM)
Mister Jolly
Mister Jolly began its virtuous journey in November of 2010 when two ex-members of HaveBlue, guitarist Ari Holub and drummer Oliver John Burke, joined forces with two ex-members of The Neverbeens/Orange Monsoon, vocalist Steve Ferrara and Rhodes-tickler Crawford Forbes. With the departure of Burke to hotter pastures (New Orleans) in mid-2011, Mr. J brought on the legendary Bronx drummer, Greg Insero, and our current lineup was complete. Senor Jolly had some bass players, but after realizing most bass players are unreliable, Holub and Forbes picked up the bottom-end slack. Described by one fan as "Frank Zappa meets The Doors," Mister Jolly is blazing their way through the NYC music scene, picking up more fans at every show. Mister Jolly talks a lot about making demos, but they are broke, so don't expect anything anytime soon. If you want to hear this magnificent and sexy band of troglodytes, you're just gonna have to cough up a couple of bucks to see them live.
TENREC - (Set time: 8:00 PM)
If ever asked, after experiencing a live Tenrec set, what or who they sounded like, the conversation would take so many twists and turns that only one conclusion can be made: the fruit of their labor can not be sonically classified by any means. Hailing from NYC (by way of Queens NY, Arlington TX, Leeds UK and Malden, MA) the four musical contrarians have effectively slammed their unique style on to the table.

The musical conundrum usually comes in the form of a beautifully blaring rhythmic guitar, a magical rollercoaster ride of a lead, a temperamental bass line and coercing drums that perfectly gift wrap the prize. On occasion, the boys will incorporate keyboard synth sounds that paint appeasing psychedelic, post-punk soundscapes. Their progressions purposely dip from lane to lane and often veer completely off road much to the aficionado’s delight. Nod of the head, slight smirk, “fuck yes”.

There’s a complete lack of fear factor in the delivery of goods. Their sound makes a bold statement: creating music in the typical fashion (trying to sell that single) is cutting off the proverbial balls of the creative monster. They seek the different and find it time and time again. A hinting influence resonates The Flaming Lips, The Feelies, The Breeders, Sonic Youth and The Gun Club. The blend, the final frame, is an exciting new sound well worth drooling over.
Venue Information:
218 Bowery St.
New York, NY, 10012