TurnStyle Music Group Presents


Tongue in Public, Shara Strand, BRBRCK

Sat, September 29, 2012

7:00 pm

Tammany Hall (NY)

New York, NY


This event is 21 and over

ADM - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
ADM (nee Adam Charleston) is a 35-year-old NYC singer songwriter who, through the use of futuristic Protools magic is also every member of the band. Ask ADM what he plays and he’ll simply say “rock-n-roll” ever conscious not to appear as the pretentious rock-n-roller he not so secretly longs to be. Ask him when no one’s around and he’d probably call his music a cross between Sober-era Nine Inch Nails and Dylan going electric.

ADM has just released “Heavy Meta”, his 6th self produced full-length album and considers it his finest LP to date. The album draws on themes of Love in the Time of Chaos, honest self-exorcism & plain old non-sense freedom rock. From the bone-rattle rap of “Anti-Drone Motorcycle Club” to the sexified hypnosis of “My Friends Call This ‘The Stripper Song’; from the 10 minute break-up/apocalyptic thrill ride of “9:53/The End of the End of the US” to the pop jewels of “Bang!” and “Love Her or Leave Her Alone” ADM runs the gamut of form and substance, all the while maintaining a definitive style and sound. “Heavy Meta” offers stories and pastiches to give listeners something to think about while hitting the highway at 80 miles per hours, top down; seatbelt optional. What that something is… I don’t know.

ADM’s music career started at age 12, sneaking into Far Rockaway to record rap records with the DJ from the Kings of Pressure. His music evolved from rap into metal, another natural progression. Then, as he began taking copious amounts of narcotics and drinking heavily, ADM delved into the world of psychedelic country and psycho-billy.

Now, sober, and not at all preachy about it, ADM has brought together all of his past influences to create “Heavy Meta”. The artist and music are now being promoted on iTunes, YouTube, etc. Live selections are being played anywhere someone will let ADM unsling his guitar, “El Gato Verde” and rock out. Will something come of it? Compared to the ability to write and perform satisfying love songs, it doesn’t matter. As ADM sings in the epic final track on his latest album, “John Carter of EARTH”, “Love lost, love gone… I will carry on.” Wait, that’s not in that song. In fact, that’s not- you know what, I just made that up. Guess I’ll save it for the next album, “Destroy All Lines”.
Tongue in Public - (Set time: 7:00 PM)
Tongue in Public
You should listen to Tongue in Public because their songs are better than other bands’ songs. Each is handcrafted with care; no unnecessary ingredients added. And distilling this refreshing sound took time.

While auditioning singers for his band at Michigan State, Erik met Emily in 2003. They worked well together but lost touch, until unexpectedly sitting next to each other at a bar a couple years later. They talked about music, what they like, what they love, what they could make working together…

What they’ve produced is brand new and comparisons are pointless. Emily’s stunning vocals are the band’s hallmark, but the philosophy is balance, ensuring that no one element overpowers another.

Having again gone divergent paths, they both landed in Brooklyn; they began blending their experiences and ideas into songs. In 2009, Erik booked the band’s first show. Lacking band members, he called Mike, a reluctant bassist and Berklee dropout: Erik informed him that he had to be in the band, and that there was a show booked.

Since then, Tongue in Public has played at the Delancey, the Village Lantern, Crash Mansion and special events for the East Village’s Fourth Arts Block. After playing with a variety of drummers, the fourth element of the band was added: Jeff, recently transplanted from South Carolina. His energetic playing completed the mixture.

The band will be recording some of their newer songs shortly, and will continue expanding their sonic ferment. The songs are top-shelf because each song is a unique, tested recipe, with nothing watered down. If your palate demands superior sound, drink in Tongue in Public.

Emily Evashevski: vocals & guitar
Mike Szkolka: bass
Erik Simon: guitar
Jeff Hawkins: drums
Shara Strand - (Set time: 8:00 PM)
Shara Strand
Shara is best classified as a pop/soul singer, and she has already gained fans from all over the world. Shara's music is completely organic and from the soul and she's set to take her place amongst the great vocalists of our time, and that is a much needed void in today's music industry!

Shara has been singing and acting since really early on (child performer) and have had a level of great times and success in theater, TV, and film. She went to NYU Tisch School of the Arts, majored in theater, graduated and ended up in the music business (where she finally found true love). All independently, she recorded and wrote a complete 12 song demo that got listened to by the president of a major label in NYC. It was there that her luck began to change and destiny began to take shape!

Shara was given the opportunity to work with hit songwriter and producer Andrea Martin (she wrote Leona Lewis's "Better in Time" En Vouge's "Don't Let Go", and tons of other amazing songs). They worked a few months on a radio quality sounding demo. Please help create the "buzz" and spread the love. So, if you are a fan of GOOD music, that comes straight from the gut, and a fan a REAL music, live instrumentation and powerhouse vocals, please become a fan. As a fan, you will be the first to know when Shara is performing and other important going ons!

Some of Shara's bigger shows have been at the Apollo, where she sang to a standing ovation. She also opened for Pat Benatar. The winner of the largest internet competition on the web,, Shara became "pop fenom season 2", where she was flown to compete in Austin and won the title Pop Fenom. A true triple threat, Shara is also a SAG and Equity actress, and has appeared in "Hitch", and "The Interpreter" amongst many television shows like "Gossip Girl" and "Law and Order". Thanks for reading and thanks for joining! You are the reason she is so driven to break through.
BRBRCK - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
The Scranton Gangster. The Mythical Rapping White Boy from Brooklyn. The Global Citizen.

This is BRBRCK.

Mike Berberich (aka BRBRCK) is a genre-bending hip hop songwriter based in Brooklyn, New York, where he writes and produces all of his own music. His catalogue spans an eclectic range of sounds, from 80s synthpop to roadhouse blues to progressive jazz. The narratives that BRBRCK crafts are equally diverse, from old school jams about stealing rhymes to commentary on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, written during his time spent in the West Bank and Jordan. His live shows are an explosion of energy, with a full band backing the MC as he weaves his witty sense of humor through a nonstop barrage of spitfire wordplay and brass-knuckle punchlines. In 2008, BRBRCK released "Scranton Gangster," his debut album, in part because of the extensive radio play his single "Scranton Gangster" received on Top 40 regional radio stations in his home state of Pennsylvania. Since then, he has penned over 200 songs and has collaborated with a diverse group of artists, including accomplished jazz bassist Felix Pastorius, Anna Morsett of the band "Yet Cut Breath," and dozens of local Brooklyn MCs and producers. BRBRCK is currently finishing production on his sophomore album, "Pardon the Languish," and plans to tour extensively in the US and abroad.
Venue Information:
Tammany Hall (NY)
152 Orchard St.
New York, NY, 10002