Wooly & The Mammoth

TurnStyle Music Group Presents

Wooly & The Mammoth

Assorted Animals, Woodbine Falls, The Dead Bums, Haircut 1234

Mon, September 10, 2012

7:00 pm

Ella Lounge

New York, NY


Off Sale

This event is 21 and over

Wooly & The Mammoth - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
Wooly & The Mammoth
Born in the bedroom of a Williamsburg apartment, Wooly & the Mammoth, the love-child of five East Coast twenty-somethings, is influenced by early revival artists, creating a sound that is proud to be made in Woolyburg. Comprised of both classically trained & self-taught musicians, w&tm’s interests vary greatly, though their love for creating & performing is both inherent & mutual. When taking a break from hectic city life, the woolies can be found seeking reprieve & inspiration from rural countrysides with large skies & bottomless whiskey glasses.
Find their debut EP "at bay" on iTunes & Spotify.

"DO NOT take these Brooklyn folk rockers lightly. They have a delightful full sound that is well worth your time and attention...How are they not already huge stars? The talent just drips from their work." - Ear To The Ground

"While we agree that Wooly & the Mammoth's sound is equal parts folk and indie, we discovered that they have a serious knack for trumpeting twee sounds tinged with bayou heartbreak." - The 'Shwick

"Every time I listen to 'Fallen Down' I can’t help but think 'This is what indie music is all about'" - Life Of Lito

"Wooly and the Mammoth not only has an awesome name, they have an awesome sound. Their songs are catchy and their live shows match the energy of the songs well." - BroBible

"Haven't been able to stop listening to this album! It's absolutely brilliant. The vocals are beautiful with excellent harmonies. Instrumentation is well considered and excellently arranged." - Light & Hoppy Bar Co.

"The trade off between the dude and the lady vocals is delicious. The addition of the indie pop to the folk is perfect. The debut from Brooklyn’s Wooly and the Mammoth is right up our alley." - Folk Hive

"Oh, yes! This is everything that should and could be right about a revival." - Invisible Guy
Assorted Animals - (Set time: 7:00 PM)
Assorted Animals
Elvis Costello with an N64, Tracy Bonham with an AK-47, and Dave Grohl with a lightning bolt scar that'll make Harry Potter stay in the cupboard forever.
Woodbine Falls - (Set time: 8:00 PM)
Woodbine Falls
The atypical, and powerfully emotive sounds of Woodbine Falls draw from the many rivers of influence that comprise it. Represented within are the varied worlds of classical, jazz, blues and rock, combined with an experimental twist. This confluence produces sounds that are flowing and entrancing, with a roaring under current of crashing force.

New York City based, Woodbine Falls' unique instrumentation makes for a broad tonal palette. The sultry and distinctive vocals have shades of folk and jazz. The electric guitar stylings are classical in technique and sensibility, with a strong root in blues. With dazzling concert soloist virtuosity, the flute spins out unheard colors and effects. The gravitational pull of stand-up bass and drums set the entrancing grooves and keep it all grounded.
The Dead Bums - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
The Dead Bums
June 2011... in a hot filthy attic, the benevolent and brilliant multi-instrumentalist (Steve Nurge) resurrected his fallen friend (Michael Browne)...

Together with broken instruments, budding ideas, and sonic catharsis, they began. After several months of spent beer bottles and jimmy rigged air conditioners, they where on their way. Add in Mike Preen on the Upright Bass and you have the Dead Bums.
Haircut 1234 - (Set time: 11:00 PM)
Haircut 1234
More than a band; a reinvention of life as we know it.

The human genome is to be reprogrammed for USB connectivity, allowing Haircut 1234 to tap directly into the brain, eliminating stress and worry, replacing those emotions with visions of exploding candy-filled cantaloupe and Pottery Barns constructed entirely of pottery.

We will MOVE YOU
We will IMPROVE YOU (maybe...?)
We will GUARANTEE you a good time....or, as usual, the Car Wash is free.

You can capture lightening, but you can't capture the THUNDER that IS Haircut 1234. And Beef.
Venue Information:
Ella Lounge
9 Avenue A
New York, NY, 10009