Torpid May - CD Release, ft. TingRu Lai

TurnStyle Music Group Presents

Torpid May - CD Release, ft. TingRu Lai

Pheroze, Soapbox Army

Fri, February 22, 2013

6:00 pm

Tammany Hall (NY)

New York, NY


This event is 21 and over

Torpid May - CD Release, ft. TingRu Lai - (Set time: 9:30 PM)
Torpid May - CD Release, ft. TingRu Lai
Hailed as “A true representation of the Taiwanese indie music scene” by MusicDish Network, their musical interests have always been an eclectic interplay of ambience and angst over dense textured soundscapes, with melodic layers in a balanced blend, packed with suspense and often lead up to chaotic finales. This results in songs that are episodic and progressive, at times delicate and course, somber and affecting, dreamy and stern. Like an act of collage making, overlaying, overflowing and contaminating audiences’ senses, hearing their songs is like “staring at drizzles and drifting off into the neon abyss, while a stormy night awaits’ said Marcus Lui, Radio DJ at WZRC AM1480.
The show celebrates their newest release 'Weather Balloon' and will once again collaborate with the electronic violinist TingRu Lai.
Pheroze - (Set time: 7:40 PM)
Tapping into an intricate fantasy world rich with astute spirituality and cleverly-constructed melodic and harmonic structures, dexterous guitarist, singer and songwriter Pheroze Karai makes intelligent music that illuminates life’s mysterious complexities. Inspired by vibrant rock risk-takers such as Freddie Mercury, Kim Thayil, Chris Cornell, Slash, Jeff Buckley and Prince, his intellectually-driven songs memorialize the craftsmanship behind the music that has sparked his imagination since childhood and present multi-dimensional snapshots of his cultural and creative roots. His dedication to mastering the intricacies of the recording process has led him to fine-tune his own skills as a producer and engineer and has caught the ears of collaborators such as mix engineer Nick Cohen (Redman, Ill Nino, Brian McKnight, 40 Below Summer) and producer Clay Holley (Adele, Aloe Blacc, Blakroc). Through his meticulously-crafted albums and cathartic live performances, he freely presents highly-personal material that also genuinely resonates with a universal audience.

Born in London to Zoroastrian parents, Pheroze’s musical journey began while he was splitting his childhood time between the restrictive Saudi Arabia and the colorful, sensual India. Equally-stimulated by the pervasive Bollywood culture and the Black Sabbath, Queen and Prince that was on regular rotation at his parents’ house, his exposure to varied cultures allowed Pheroze to develop a worldly perspective. When he was 12-years old, a chance encounter with a friend’s guitar finally gave a distinct voice to his life’s passion, and, in order to raise enough money to buy his own instrument, he smuggled in Penthouse magazines – which were illegal in Saudi Arabia – and sold them to local teenagers. From that point on, he has been driven to build his life around the creation of music. He continues to channel the ghosts that have drifted in and out during his journey and let them speak through uniquely haunted melodies and lyrics.

Pheroze has been energetically participating in the New York City music scene since he arrived in 1997 and has written songs for, played in and released well-received albums with bands including Scar Culture (Century Media Records), Earthbound Smoke Ghost, Namanista and Soapbox Army. Often referring to himself as “Minstrel for the Dead,” Pheroze Karai has released two solo LPs: Driftwood (2008), which was mixed by Nick Cohen and Crows into Swine (2011), co-produced and mixed by Clay Holley. Both releases demonstrate Pheroze’s dexterity as a producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist playing everything but drums and incorporating Indo/Persian instruments. He is currently playing a series of shows with his recently-reinvigorated powerhouse backing band and working on his third solo release, which will be available in late 2012.
Born in London to Zoroastrian parents, Pheroze‘s childhood was divided between the strict rigidity of Saudi Arabia where his parents worked and the abundant sights, smells, and sounds of India where his grandparents lived. “I grew up with the whole Bollywood scene at the same time as my mother was blasting Prince, Black Sabbath, and Queen in the house. Freddie Mercury was a fellow Zoroastrian, so she was hell-bent on him being part of my upbringing.” Those varied cultures helped develop Pheroze‘s naturally distinctive worldly voice.
Soapbox Army - (Set time: 8:35 PM)
Soapbox Army
Dan Tucker - Guitar, Vocals
Matt Basile - Bass
Simon Fishburn - Drums, Samples, Background Vocals

Soapbox Army is a rock band, formed in 2008 in New York. Their self-titled debut was released in April 2009, combining elements of modern rock, alt rock and folk. It went on to garner many positive reviews as the band began playing shows all over the New York area including headlining gigs in prominent NYC venues.

The band continued to write new material, and in March 2011, they went into the studio to start recording their second album, Reactor. They worked with producer Little Pioneer (Craig Levy) in Brooklyn NY, who also produced their debut. With the new album, the band looked to expand their sound and their dynamics, while at the same time making the songs tighter and more concise. The result was a decidedly more “rock” album than the first – Reactor combines hard rock with atmospheric, folk and electronic textures, creating a dynamic sense of mood. Without completely overhauling their sound, they evolved it into something bigger.

Reactor was released in April 2012. The band is currently promoting the album with shows all around the NYC region with touring and festival plans in development for the near future. They are also preparing material for a follow up EP (to be released early 2014).
Venue Information:
Tammany Hall (NY)
152 Orchard St.
New York, NY, 10002