Canvas Radio

TurnStyle Music Group Presents

Canvas Radio

Chasing Carmen, The Summarily Dismissed

Sat, May 26, 2012

7:00 pm

Ella Lounge

New York, NY


This event is 21 and over

Canvas Radio - (Set time: 9:30 PM)
Canvas Radio
The founding members of Staten Island, New York's newest band Canvas Radio, have a history before they even officially came together in March of 2010.
2 of the founding members, Mike Diamantopoulos (Bass) and Greg Schwab (Drums), have worked on a number of musical projects together and also have been founding members of local bands such as Amethyst and Eyes of Argus. Since the early 90's this duo have proven their longevity when it comes to writing music as a team and being the backbone of everything they have been involved in.
Looking to pick at their own creative minds, Greg and Mike teamed up with Singer/Songwriter Charlie Toro whose earlier musical contributions include singing/co-songwriting with late 90's local band Organic Juice and 2008's solo project Charlie Who?
All 3 band members have crossed paths before when both Amethyst and Organic Juice have shared a few stages as well as had a regular band rehearsal space down the hall from each other.
Since the band's inception, the guys felt a fourth element was needed to bring out the full potential of the music they were writing and in December of 2011, they officially added that element in native Staten Islander and Pianist, Kelley Olson whose background includes songwriting and teaching at Staten Island's "School Of Rock".
Now, with more than a decade of songwriting experience behind Charlie, Greg and Mike and the addition of Kelley, these 4 collectively known as Canvas Radio have come together to display their own brand of creative evolution.
Chasing Carmen - (Set time: 7:30 PM)
Chasing Carmen
Chasing Carmen is comprised of four talented musicians from various locations across the Northeast. We met in college and have been practicing and playing shows for about two years. Our bassist was recently signed to endorsement contracts by Warwick Basses and Warwick Amplifiers, and is one of their youngest clients in the world. Songwriting is a strength of our band, and all four of the members are essential contributors. Additionally, we just completed our LP – Angels & Devils, and we think it encapsulates us well as it showcases our variety of different musical and stylistic capabilities. We love playing live shows more than anything, as we feel it is the best way to have our music and emotion connect with fans. We have had the honor of opening for such acts as Puddle of Mudd, Hinder, Saving Abel, Rev Theory, My Darkest Days and more. Overall we would define ourselves as an alternative/hard rock band, with the ability to move in and out of other genres. Look for big things to come.

...the chase starts here.
The Summarily Dismissed - (Set time: 8:30 PM)
The Summarily Dismissed
Unbeknownst to the world, Todd Rundgren and Laura Nyro had a secret daughter. She grew up to be as wacky, comedic, and as immune to musical categorization as her father, while her pianistic style, vocal range, and physical appearance clearly indicated who her mother was. And, like both her parents, she became a composer, a lyricist, and a public eccentric!

Okay, so maybe Ari Shagal's parents aren't literally Todd and Laura . . . but, musically speaking, they might as well be! And, to extend the familial metaphor, you might say that Donald Fagen was Ari's uncle, and Stevie Wonder was her godfather. And there was Ari, in New York, ready to parade her bizarrely eclectic work before the ears of the listening public . . . but, in order to do so, she needed the right vocalists. Well, she lucked out, big time, when she happened upon the golden soprano voice of Ferima Faye, a native New Yorker whose incredible vocal talents are rivaled only by her incredibly creative and visionary fashion design; and Matthew Lomeo, a soulful baritone whose raw, magnetic voice continually made his native town of Utica sit bolt upright and shake its collective booty. Together, these three whippersnappers teamed up with producer and guitarist Joe Davi (known for his work with Ne-Yo, Mya, and Jay-Z), bassist Pat O'Leary (a member of Bob Dorough's trio), and drummer Eric Halvorson (a frequent member of Ute Lemper's touring ensemble). The resulting album, To Each!, also features an appearance by the illustrious jazz vocalist Kenny Washington, whose talents are incredible beyond description, in addition to conga and bongo work by percussionist Nydia Mata, who was, for many years, a constant member of Laura Nyro's band. After an intense year plus, throwing themselves into the recording process at full intensity, the members of the Summarily Dismissed are proud to introduce their album To Each! to the world . . . and look forward to making even more music!
Venue Information:
Ella Lounge
9 Avenue A
New York, NY, 10009