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Passion Pit to Release New Album in July

By | April, 27, 2012

More than three years after the release of their critically and commercially acclaimed debut album, Manners, the Boston based Synth-Pop heroes Passion Pit will finally unveil their sophomore album, Gossamer. Get the full story from Ben Anshutz over at The Wild Honey Pie. Watch the video for “The Reeling” below to whet your appetite for the new material.

Burnt Beneath The Rising Sun

By | April, 17, 2012

Here is a track that is over two years old now, but comes from some former members of Dirty Projectors as I noted in the previous post last Friday. Vampire Weekend broke out in early 2008 with a really complete statement for a debut with their self titled album Vampire Weekend. Their self-proclaimed “Upper West Side Soweto” style mixes chamber pop, 80′s new wave/reggae and African hi-life to produce what at the time seemed like a truly new sound. Their 2010 follow up, Contra, took the sound the band had created and expanded upon it just enough to satisfy old fans and win new ones. All the same familiar influences were there, but the songs seem more fleshed out and the added touches of electro throughout the album do not detract from their sound, but add just enough of a twist to make the album a definite step forward, instead of a retread. Watch “Giving Up The Gun” below, and take note of the protagonist’s opponents, the umpire and her coach.

At The Drive-In’s First Show in 11 Years

By | April, 10, 2012

I had heard the band would be getting back together to perform at Coachella, but I was unaware that they were performing anymore dates than the two scheduled out in Indio for the festival. Apparently they performed last night in Austin as part of a three show Texas warm up for their festival dates here and abroad throughout the summer. It’s really hard to pick a favorite from their masterpiece album Relationship of Command, but I always really loved “Invalid Litter Dept.”. It’s not as aggressive as most of the rest of the album, but it’s just as heavy and dark as any other song, and definitely foreshadowed the direction The Mars Volta would take after the split up of At The Drive-In. It was definitely the missing link between the more punk driven sound of ATDI and the more progressive, Pink Floyd influenced sound singer Cedric Bixler-Zavala and lead guitarist Omar Rodriguez-Lopez hoped to achieve with The Mars Volta. You can read and watch a synopsis of last night’s show here, courtesy of Consequence Of Sound.

Lion’s Roar

By | April, 6, 2012

tUnE-yArDs is the moniker of Oakland, CA based Indie-Pop songstress Merrill Garbus. The New England native has been operating under this alias for the last 6 years and has released 2 great albums. Earlier this year, the Village Voice‘s annual “Pazz and Jop” poll of critics named her second album w h o k i l l the #1 album of 2011. While saying w h o k i l l was the best album of 2011 is entirely subjective, no one can argue that her sound is the most creative of the last 2-3 years. “Real Live Flesh” off her first album BiRd-BrAiNs was my introduction to her weird world. You can hear the distinct influence of 90′s R&B and Neo-Soul in her powerful vocals, which is why she’s the perfect way to end this week’s thread.

Artist Spotlight – Zoe Sundra

By | February, 8, 2012

Zoë Sundra is a Brooklyn based singer/songwriter bringing the sequins back to folk music. With her brutally honest lyrics and acoustic sound, she matches her songs with a full band, including additional vocals and multiple saxophones. Zoë uses her influences of Patti Smith, Stevie Nicks and Neko Case to create a dynamic stage presence and experience for her audiences. Her upcoming album, The Hunt is set to be released in late March 2012, along with a southern tour in the Spring and a west coast tour in the Summer.

Make sure to catch her tomorrow night as she headlines Arlene’s Grocery. You can purchased discounted tickets in advance here. Listen to “Scarlett”, the lead single from her sophomore album, The Hunt, below.

You can check out a few more tracks from the album at Zoe’s SoundCloud page.

Bright Lights

By | February, 3, 2012

Even if you think you’ve heard all of the Blues Rock you could stand, and are of the belief that it’s all been done, here comes 27 year old Austin, Texas native Gary Clark Jr. I’ve always been a fan of this classic style, which upon most of American rock has blossomed from, but in the last 5 years I’ve gotten away from this stuff for more progressive styles. It would really take something fresh, and truly visceral to grab my attention and that’s exactly what Gary Clark Jr. has done. He has a commanding voice that is soulful without any affectations. A characteristic which has been missing from popular music lately. Not to mention his mastery of the guitar, which he uses deliberately to build emotion and tension in his songs, and is never too self-indulgent with his improvisation. His presentation is devoid of pretense, and for that he captures the true essence of all the great classic artists like Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and Buddy Guy. Check out the single that is pushing him into the mainstream, “Bright Lights”. This live version was filmed at the Crossroads Guitar Festival in 2010.