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Rustle These Leaves

By | March, 14, 2012

Sorry I’ve been absent for the last 5 days. To continue from last week’s theme and begin a transition towards a related style, today’s video comes from Baths. The 22 year old LA artist produces a heady mix of ambient layered electronic music propelled by choppy, hip-hop beats. I find him to be the link between chillwave artists and the beat music made popular by Low End Theory parties in the LA underground. Watch the haunting video for “Lovely Bloodflow” below, it’s from Baths’ debut album Cerulean which was released in the summer of 2010 on LA based indie label Anticon. From here, we’ll touch upon a few artists in the Brainfeeder crew, also from LA, that are pushing a similar aesthetic coming from a more overtly hip-hop influenced background.

The New New Wave

By | February, 7, 2012

With the rise of Indie Rock over the last decade there has been a revival of many styles of music that fall into the Indie aesthetic. Everything from the Garage Rock heard in The Strokes to the more Punk inspired songs of The White Stripes, to the Post-Punk (albeit with a Chamber Pop twist) heard in bands like Arcade Fire and Vampire Weekend. Then of course there is the Synth Pop heard on MGMT‘s major label debut masterpiece, Oracular Spectacular.

It is more along those last two threads that I want to focus on. An entire sub genre has risen fronted by bands like LCD Soundsystem, The Faint, The Bravery and Bloc Party. Disco-Punk or in some cases Electro-Punk has become a major force in the underground music scene that seems to once again be receiving an adrenaline shot to the heart by the yet to break supergroup known as New Build. Boasting members of Hot Chip and LCD Soundsystem, this band’s pedigree has them poised to make a big splash with the release of their debut album Yesterday Was Lived And Lost on Tuesday, April 3rd here in the U.S.

They will tour in anticipation of this release through March, but it will be primarily in Europe. For those fortunate enough to live in NYC, they will be making two appearances, back to back at Mercury Lounge on Tuesday, March 13th and Wednesday, March 14th. That is to say fortunate enough to have already purchased tickets, since it’s SOLD OUT! For those of us who can’t be there, listen to their lead single “Do You Not Feel Loved?” below and have a dance party in your bedroom. After all, it is much more introspective than traditional dance music you would listen to out at a club in the city.