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Go Tell Fire

By | April, 26, 2012

WU LYF is playing tonight and tomorrow night in New York City. The UK band has been one of the most buzzed about, cult bands of the last year. Their anonymity (until recently) has cloaked them in a shroud of mystery, not to mention their cryptic name which stands for World Unite Lucifer Youth Foundation. Their self described “heavy pop” sound is an interesting mix of shoegaze walls of sound layed over bombastic beats. The most striking feature of the band is their lead singer’s distinctively gruff and aggressive vocal approach. It seems as if their mission is to urge people to revolt against whatever it is that suppresses them or prevents their happiness. Watch the video for “DIRT” below.

Tonight the band is at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. Event information is here. Tomorrow night they’ll be performing at Bowery Ballroom. The details are here.

In Memoriam Davy Jones

By | February, 29, 2012

Guest contributor: Paul LaScolea

Lost in the criticism of their band being a manufactured product (see: The Byrds “So You Want To Be a Rock ‘n’ Roll Star”), The Monkees could simply be written off as a major precursor to future well-put-together commercial acts such as the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC. However, as we lament the death of singer Davy Jones, there is no room for such cynicism. Compiling a list of the many classic tracks The Monkees contributed to the pop lexicon would take more time than most would think, but even for the harshest critic, “Porpoise Song” from their ridiculous 1968 film Head, is a perfect example of late 60′s psychedelia: stuck in time yet utterly beautiful.

Center of My Mind

By | February, 23, 2012

From time to time I will just share a band/song/video I like with no commentary. It continues our thread of new California psych rock bands. This is the song “Summer Is Here” off Darker My Love‘s 2006 self titled debut album, Darker My Love. Hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

Holy Desert Tribe

By | February, 14, 2012

Here is another band channeling the Pacific Northwest in their music. Blitzen Trapper are a Portland, Oregon based Alt. Country band bringing a little hippie flair to their brand of Roots Rock. This song is the title track off their third album, Wild Mountain Nation, released back in 2007 on Sub Pop Records. Watch the psychedelic pastiche video that combines animation, and historical photos with live shots of the band below.

Should We Even Care At All?

By | February, 11, 2012

Just to close out this week’s theme, is a disco-punk staple from the UK juggernaut Friendly Fires. They are a prime example of how much cooler dance music is when performed by an actual band. Having seen them live, they also prove that live music trumps a polished studio cut just about every time. With a little time and space to breathe the band offers some extended breaks in choice songs to give the effect of a DJ spinning in a packed dance club where the crowd is truly entranced by the beats being served. Watch the video for “Skeleton Boy” below, and try to tell me you’re not ready for the floor now.

I Am Ready for a Fall

By | February, 9, 2012

To return to the theme that began our week, I am posting a song released back in 2008 by Hot Chip on their third album, Made in the Dark. The band received a Grammy nod for this quirky nugget of dance pop, but as you can assume they did not win the award for Best Dance Recording. Fortunately enough, the recognition was given to the Kings of French House music, Daft Punk, for their hit “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger”. Check out the Batman/Joker inspired video for “Ready For The Floor” below. The dancing girls bring to mind memories of Robert Palmer’s iconic 80′s video for “Addicted To Love”. It almost makes perfect sense, since both songs are a fusion of rock and dance music.