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Hidden in the Sun through the Fog

By | February, 12, 2014

Hidden in the Sun is a San Francisco band, that mines heartfelt songs, from the rich well of American storytelling and roots music. Lead singer Lizzie Clapper divulges personal experiences in poetic phrases, grounded by the beautiful folk, blues and rock piano stylings of Ciara McAllister. The style is steeped in tradition, which seems to be losing ground in today’s musical landscape, which is heavily over saturated by cut rate DJ’s remixing lowest common denominator pop hits. It is refreshing to see that some acts are holding on to what makes music so special to everyone, the ability for the sound, the voice and lyrics with substance to move the not only the body, but the mind and the soul as well.

This music was the basis for the style and sound that put San Francisco on the map back in the ’60s. Here is some press from music writer, John Wooley, who obviously felt that same energy.

“To my ears, Hidden in the Sun sounds a lot like the San Francisco psychedelia that came along in the late ’60s and really kind of started that whole album-rock/FM radio thing. All four songs from the EP Smoke Signals — and especially the first two — have the kind of vibe that first knocked me out back then, when radio started playing bands like Quicksilver Messenger Service, Jefferson Airplane, and, of course, Big Brother and the Holding Company. In fact, Lizzie’s phrasing and vocal approach reminds me at times of both Janis Joplin and Grace Slick in their primes.”

Watch the band perform “Three Flavors of Five” below, and make sure to come out this Saturday, February 15th to The Connecticut Yankee to see them perform! It is sure to be a bright spot in what’s been a foggy streak over the last week plus. Show up by 10pm to see Jacob Jeffries Band and The Whiteboards. You can purchase half price tickets, for $5, in advance of the show here.

The Villalobos Brothers Make Their TurnStyle Debut at Mercury Lounge!

By | January, 14, 2014

International touring sensations The Villalobos Brothers make their TurnStyle Music debut at Mercury Lounge!

Masterfully blending the indigenous rhythms and melodies of their native Veracruz, Mexico with the intricate harmonies of jazz and classical music, the Villalobos Brothers deliver an intoxicating brew of musical brilliance, cadence and virtuosity that awakens the senses as it redefines the notions behind Latin music. The Villalobos Brothers have been acclaimed as one of today’s leading World Music and Classical Fusion ensembles.

A trio of virtuoso violinists, singer-songwriters, composers, and arrangers, they have performed at the Latin Grammy® Awards, Carnegie Hall, the Guggenheim Museum, Lincoln Center, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the 60th Anniversary of the United Nations, Rockefeller Center, the New York Mets field at Shea Stadium, John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, New Victory Theatre, and Teatro Amadeo Roldán in Havana among other historic venues.

They’ve accompanied and collaborated with many artists, including Morley, Paloma San Basilio, Paddy Moloney and The Chieftains, Eddie Palmieri, Graciela, Dolly Parton, León Gieco, Leni Stern, César Camargo Mariano, Lila Downs, Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz, Pierre Boulez, Alberto Vázquez, Johnny Ventura, Dan Zanes and Rafael Escalona. Their first solo album, “Villa-Lobos”, was released in 2009, followed by their second album, “Aliens of Extraordinary Ability”, in 2012.

The Villalobos Brothers are headlining at The Mercury Lounge on Wed 1/15/14.
(Also on the bill are NYC favorites: The Bliss Jockeys and Victor V. Gurbo & Co.)

Purchase tickets through TurnStyle Music Group.

Follow The Bliss Jockeys to Tammany Hall

By | November, 18, 2013

Author : Erica Schultz

Joseph Campbell, a giant in the field of comparative mythology, boiled down the wisdom of the ages into his directive “Follow your bliss”.

It’s not every rock band that takes its mantra from academia, but frontman Phil Robinson isn’t just a rising rock star; he’s a soul-gazer and a Fulbright scholar who takes Campbell’s advice to heart. His material brings a mystical, intelligent bent to an otherwise straight-up, playful classic-rock sound.

When Robinson rebooted his pet musical project, The Bliss Jockeys, in early 2012, it was as a folk-style acoustic ensemble, with brother Josh Friedman joining him on jazzy guitar and a small cadre of backup singers anchored by long-time NY songbirds Ellen Weiss, Valerie Gomes and Leyla Mesic. But it took the March 2013 addition of a full rhythm section – with complex fills from drummer Casper Paludan and the driving electric groove of bassist Merter Yildirim – to bring to life the high-energy repertoire of Phil’s dreams (and start filling rock venues around New York City)!

The other surprising yet classic element in the BJ’s mix is a full gospel-style all-female choir, now comprised of 7 women, filling out the over-the-top sound. In August, The Bliss Jockeys took over Ella Lounge for an intimate 45-minute set highlighting new material, from the sunny “99 Days” and “Transcendental Cowboy” to the brooding “Looking for Someone” and “Through the Middle”. But the keystone of the set was an innovative cover of Steely Dan’s “Bodhisattva” (in case you’re missing the theme here of the path to enlightenment), showcasing the band’s exuberant instrumentals atop the tight, spirited harmonies of the choir.

The Bliss Jockeys, live at Ella Lounge, NYC on August 10th, 2013! (photo by Brian Lin)

Upcoming shows include a Nov 23 triple bill at Tammany Hall (with Victor V. Gurbo & Co. and Myriam Phiro’s Swing Party). After that, they’ll be opening for the Villalobos Brothers at the prestigious Mercury Lounge on January 15. Check it out!

Next Wave Minstrels

By | November, 7, 2012

future us will be performing this Friday night (11/9/12) at The Connecticut Yankee in support of Spidermeow. The duo is comprised of singer/songwriter, Megan Heavlin Ochoa and electronic artist Daniel Durrett. The two cutting edge artists are fusing the classic storytelling of folk, with the soundscapes and beats of electronica. Make sure to hear their innovative sound first hand this Friday night. Half price tickets are available here.

Listen to “On My Mind” below to get a taste of what you’ll hear on Friday night.

New EP from Sally

By | July, 26, 2012

Guest contributor: Ben Anshutz

Sally is full of indie-pop fun. Based right out of New York City, this group creates bouncy, bubbly pop that pulls from acts such as Nighttime Adventure Society and The Moldy Peaches. The band offers up a new six-song EP We Are In A Car that smartly distills their cutesy ethos.

Opener “We Are In A Car” features an intricate and fleet drum line bellied up with jangly guitars and singer Kristen Gudsnuk’s honey-dipped voice, and will leave you smiling. “A Summer Song”, eloquently composed with textures similar to the first track’s, speaks to the heartache from the loss of summer romance. Here, songwriter Jordan Cooper is mining a powerful pop sensibility.

But it is on the third track, “Friends Are Foes,” that Cooper really hits his stride. With a scratchy vocal filter, Gudsnuk lets her inner punk out with distorted guitar wails to match, making this one of the most fun moments on this release. “Head On Your Neck” channels 1960s girl-groups with its dance-ready composition. Take this one to the beach for sunbathing weekends.

The EP wraps up with “Another Lesson,” putting a bow on the bubblegum folk that Sally has curated through the six songs. While this release doesn’t offer a huge variety or particularly unique instrumentation, it rides on the strength of Gudsnuk’s honest vocals and Cooper’s cheery songwriting. The EP is unique in its execution, with the longest of six songs being under three minutes, and the majority of them under two. Writing these short pop songs is unique in the landscape of current indie music, with too many bands unleashing sprawling and dragging epics. With We Are In A Car, Sally proves that you don’t need much to craft beautiful indie pop. If you’re looking for something spunky for your summer playlist, look no further than Sally.

The EP can be purchased on CD Baby, or iTunes. You can also stream it on Spotify.

Watch the band perform “Undo” below.

Angels To Fly

By | June, 1, 2012

Ed Sheeran is easily the most talented Singer/Songwriter I’ve heard in many years. His soulful voice and knack for wordplay are so striking that his songs have an immediate effect. I’m sure we’ll all be hearing plenty from this 21 year old Brit as his meteoric rise has really just begun. Listen to “The A Team” below.