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New EP from Sally

By | July, 26, 2012

Guest contributor: Ben Anshutz

Sally is full of indie-pop fun. Based right out of New York City, this group creates bouncy, bubbly pop that pulls from acts such as Nighttime Adventure Society and The Moldy Peaches. The band offers up a new six-song EP We Are In A Car that smartly distills their cutesy ethos.

Opener “We Are In A Car” features an intricate and fleet drum line bellied up with jangly guitars and singer Kristen Gudsnuk’s honey-dipped voice, and will leave you smiling. “A Summer Song”, eloquently composed with textures similar to the first track’s, speaks to the heartache from the loss of summer romance. Here, songwriter Jordan Cooper is mining a powerful pop sensibility.

But it is on the third track, “Friends Are Foes,” that Cooper really hits his stride. With a scratchy vocal filter, Gudsnuk lets her inner punk out with distorted guitar wails to match, making this one of the most fun moments on this release. “Head On Your Neck” channels 1960s girl-groups with its dance-ready composition. Take this one to the beach for sunbathing weekends.

The EP wraps up with “Another Lesson,” putting a bow on the bubblegum folk that Sally has curated through the six songs. While this release doesn’t offer a huge variety or particularly unique instrumentation, it rides on the strength of Gudsnuk’s honest vocals and Cooper’s cheery songwriting. The EP is unique in its execution, with the longest of six songs being under three minutes, and the majority of them under two. Writing these short pop songs is unique in the landscape of current indie music, with too many bands unleashing sprawling and dragging epics. With We Are In A Car, Sally proves that you don’t need much to craft beautiful indie pop. If you’re looking for something spunky for your summer playlist, look no further than Sally.

The EP can be purchased on CD Baby, or iTunes. You can also stream it on Spotify.

Watch the band perform “Undo” below.

Does Anyone Care?

By | May, 1, 2012

Let’s put the Electro Pop renaissance on hold for a bit and shift to a Pop Rock act that has written some timeless songs. Irish 90′s Alt. Rock stars The Cranberries have recently gotten back together and will be kicking off their U.S. tour in New York City tomorrow night at Terminal 5. Judging by their two SOLD OUT shows to open the tour in New York, it seems like at least 6,000 people still care. Despite not securing a ticket of my own, I also still care. Watch my favorite song, “Ode To My Family”, below.

Go Tell Fire

By | April, 26, 2012

WU LYF is playing tonight and tomorrow night in New York City. The UK band has been one of the most buzzed about, cult bands of the last year. Their anonymity (until recently) has cloaked them in a shroud of mystery, not to mention their cryptic name which stands for World Unite Lucifer Youth Foundation. Their self described “heavy pop” sound is an interesting mix of shoegaze walls of sound layed over bombastic beats. The most striking feature of the band is their lead singer’s distinctively gruff and aggressive vocal approach. It seems as if their mission is to urge people to revolt against whatever it is that suppresses them or prevents their happiness. Watch the video for “DIRT” below.

Tonight the band is at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. Event information is here. Tomorrow night they’ll be performing at Bowery Ballroom. The details are here.

The New New Wave

By | February, 7, 2012

With the rise of Indie Rock over the last decade there has been a revival of many styles of music that fall into the Indie aesthetic. Everything from the Garage Rock heard in The Strokes to the more Punk inspired songs of The White Stripes, to the Post-Punk (albeit with a Chamber Pop twist) heard in bands like Arcade Fire and Vampire Weekend. Then of course there is the Synth Pop heard on MGMT‘s major label debut masterpiece, Oracular Spectacular.

It is more along those last two threads that I want to focus on. An entire sub genre has risen fronted by bands like LCD Soundsystem, The Faint, The Bravery and Bloc Party. Disco-Punk or in some cases Electro-Punk has become a major force in the underground music scene that seems to once again be receiving an adrenaline shot to the heart by the yet to break supergroup known as New Build. Boasting members of Hot Chip and LCD Soundsystem, this band’s pedigree has them poised to make a big splash with the release of their debut album Yesterday Was Lived And Lost on Tuesday, April 3rd here in the U.S.

They will tour in anticipation of this release through March, but it will be primarily in Europe. For those fortunate enough to live in NYC, they will be making two appearances, back to back at Mercury Lounge on Tuesday, March 13th and Wednesday, March 14th. That is to say fortunate enough to have already purchased tickets, since it’s SOLD OUT! For those of us who can’t be there, listen to their lead single “Do You Not Feel Loved?” below and have a dance party in your bedroom. After all, it is much more introspective than traditional dance music you would listen to out at a club in the city.

Cosmic Funk & Soul at Sounds of Brazil

By | January, 30, 2012

Thundercat is the stage name of 27 year old Los Angeles bass innovator Stephen Bruner. From filling in for departed bassist Robert Trujillo, in Suicidal Tendencies, who went on to play in Metallica, to touring with Snoop Dogg and recording with Erykah Badu, Thundercat has earned his stripes over the last ten years in the music industry. In addition to his own impressive resume, the young musician comes from a pedigree that explains his innate talent and creativity. His father, Ronald Bruner Sr., was a professional drummer working with the likes of Diana Ross, The Temptations and Gladys Knight. His brother, Ronald Bruner Jr., received a Grammy back in 2010 for his drumming on Stanley Clarke‘s last album. Stanley Clarke made his fame in 70s fusion group, Return to Forever, with legendary jazz pianist Chick Corea.

Thundercat has taken his experience on the road and in the studio, combined it with the Afro-Bohemian philosophy he surely has engaged with through Ms. Badu and created something entirely fresh and mind-blowing. A member of the L.A. music collective known as the Brainfeeder crew, he has found kindred spirits, musically and culturally in producers Flying Lotus and Teebs. Check out the trippy music video for “MmmHmm” below to enter the astral plane of this emerging artist and his fellow funk-astronaut, Flying Lotus.

Make sure you head down to SOB’s this Wednesday night to watch Thundercat perform in his second show ever in NYC. Arrive early so you can catch a lively set of psychedelic soul from Cosmolingo. Get your discounted tickets here. For more details on this show, check the event listing here.

Rubblebucket In the L.E.S.

By | January, 27, 2012

Rubblebucket is bringing their brand of funky, afrobeat inspired indie rock to Bowery Ballroom this Saturday night. Their new album, Omega La La is a decided shift in the band’s sound, from a more purist afrobeat style, to an artsier brand of dance rock that draws from seminal acts like David Bowie and the recent indie mainstay Little Dragon from Sweden. Rubblebucket is supported by two up and coming acts, Superhuman Happiness and Prussia, full event details can be viewed here. If you’re looking to go out dancing on Saturday night, but you don’t want to be at some trendy club in the Meatpacking District, come to see Rubblebucket and I guarantee it will the best $15 you’ve spent in a long time. I would suggest grabbing your tickets in advance here. If you need some more convincing, watch the video for “Silly Fathers” below.