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More Harps & Hip-Hop

By | April, 3, 2012

To shift into something a little less cosmic, but still heavy on the synths and electronics, I want to feature an artist who put out another of my favorite albums of 2011. LA’s Pat Grossi goes by the name Active Child, and his debut full length album You Are All I See was a slice of heavenly ambient music blended with ethereal R&B influenced vocals. Active Child makes use of various 80′s styled analog synths, but layers them over much more updated electronic drumbeats that carry a distinct Hip-Hop flavor. The real ‘X-Factors’ at play are his uniquely engaging falsetto vocals and the harp, which he plays live in concert. The harp seems so out of place, but in fact I have featured this odd combination before in this post about Teebs. Watch “Hanging On” below to see how Active Child rocks it in this setting.

Vision Quest

By | February, 16, 2012

Here is a theatrical, extended version of the Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros sing a long “40 Day Dream”. Though this band hails from Los Angeles, not NorCal or the Bay Area like the others this week, they still contain the essence of psych-folk that is present in their California contemporaries. The main difference here is that the songs are more overtly structured in the pop format. As catchy as they sound, they are certainly anything but mainstream, having nothing in common with what you will find on Top 40 radio these days.