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Back to School Special Kick Off Review

By | September, 13, 2013

Author : Mary Tsoules

Let’s be real, going back to school after an awesome summer kind of sucks. On the other hand, great new music rules. Last Thursday night(9/5/13) kicked off TurnStyle Music Group’s Back To School Special. The series involves a collection of emerging artists from New York City’s underground music scene.

The Frizzy Blonde was on site to report on the successful series launch.

The night started off with soon-to-be-soul-star, MEKIA. We all watched, wide-eyed, as the multi-talented, four-piece ensemble created an eclectic mix of genres on stage. There’s nothing like being delightfully impressed at a live show. I arrived at the venue not knowing what MEKIA would sound like. Even the band describes itself as an “experience that will always elude description.” And it’s so true. One song had some gospel undertones, one, a bit of country, and another, some tribal drums to really get you baffled. Without any recorded songs yet, tonight was the only time you could experience this “six-layer nacho dip that is piano, violin, drums, bass, guitar, and vocals.” But keep a close eye on these guys. After a quick chat after the show, Mekia herself told me they’ll be solely focusing on recording for the next few months. That means more “nacho dip” for us. HELL YES.

Next up was string composer duo, Charly and Margaux. You might be thinking: what are classical composers doing in a line-up like this and at a venue like DROM? Or at least that’s what I was thinking. Their title sounded more like it belonged in a symphony hall or a ballet. But I was certainly mistaken/delightfully impressed, yet again. For those in the audience who knew nothing about these talented ladies, they were about to experience a real change of perspective. The violinist and violist (respectively) describe themselves as “metro-classical, cinematic chamber rock.” This will either confuse you, or, when you hear them, blow your fucking mind.

The two performed along with three other gifted Berklee College of Music alum: DJ Ginyard (bass), Andy Berman (guitar), and Justin Tyson (percussion). Charly and Margaux are a phenomenon that must be seen live. Their stage presence is remarkable. Everyone could see that the smiles on their faces and the tears in their eyes were absolutely honest. And all because they are just so insanely happy to be doing what they’re doing. The performance itself can only be described in one word: passionate. Check out this picture below capturing Charly’s heart-felt expression as she literally feels the sweet melodies.

After some more emotional pieces, they broke into Kendrick Lamar’s “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe”, for which the duo originally composed the string arrangement. They understand that their compositions are defying the status quo, and that their distinct sound may take some time for their audience to truly understand. Charly voices this in an interview back in 2012: “No one knows who we are right now, but we understand that what we want to contribute is going to take a lifetime to get across. We’re starting small and laying huge bricks in our foundation.”

Once the audience recouped from such an intense performance, it was time Frances Rose. Another duo, this time sisters Sarah Frances and Michelle Rose, took to the stage. Both were dressed the part, one in a glitter top and leather shorts, the other in a floral bodysuit and neon cap. They had everyone snapping pictures. They saved the best for last. Their hit electro-pop single, which was included on Kitsuné‘s AMERICA compilation for 2012, “Vampire” was accompanied by a dancer and all three of them broke into a choreographed dance. Being surrounded by music since they were born, these two ladies certainly know how to entertain an audience.

RIP stress, it’s been real. TECLA‘s about to get on stage and we all know what that means. LET GO. Let loose. And let that body move to the groove however it wants to. No one’s watching anyways. From the moment the audience meets her, in her amazing white silk boxing robe, they’re in love. You can catch right on to her quirky, fun personality. Her down-to-earth attitude relaxes the audience and gets everyone moving. How can we not? Her “danceable afro/funk/caribbean/tropical/pop” is insanely addicting. The coolest part? TECLA writes everything herself and it all comes from the heart. She’s inspired by her own life and musical journey. She started as a child pianist, and then soon added singing, rapping, DJing, and producing to the repertoire. After her set, an audience member described her music as “contagious”, and I completely agree. She loosens up her family of fans, new and old, by adding a “you better twerk!” and we eat it right up, busting out into another set of dance moves. After covering Robin S.‘s, “Show Me Love”, she humbly reminds the audience to “say five thank you’s every morning when you wake up.” Hell, a person can’t get more awesome than this.

So there you have it, the first show of TurnStyle Music Group’s Back To School Special. I would say it was a complete success, and I’m positive all of its attendees would agree. Does this sound like a fucking good time to you? Well, it was. So don’t miss the next one! Clementine and the Galaxy play at Pianos on Friday, September 20th. Read up on the event and get tickets here.

Stay tuned for more Back To School Special concert reviews! In the mean time, check out my Blog, Twitter and Facebook pages to hear some more cool new music.

XOXO Frizzy Blonde

A Look Back at The Stepkids at Brooklyn Bowl

By | June, 21, 2013

Author : Mary Tsoules

On Wednesday, May 22nd at Brooklyn Bowl everything was funky and the Frizzy Blonde was there to catch it. If you weren’t dancing your ass off (like I was), you had to have been trying pretty hard not to. The much-anticipated TurnStyle show was a part of the 2013 Grolsch #ChooseInteresting Music Series, a year-long program dedicated to bringing up-and-coming indie rock talent to the forefront. And that’s just what happened Wednesday night.

Upon entering the show, each member of the audience received a #ChooseInteresting Playlist drop card, in which they could download an exclusive selection of songs from TurnStyle bands. I’ve been rockin’ out to mine, have you?

We started the night off with a lively seven-piece from Boston (raised in NYC), Every Flavor Weather Machine. The crowd seemed super into the summery sounds. But it wasn’t just your typical jazz/rock collaboration; they threw a little R&B/hip-hop in there too, which only made everyone feel it even more. An entertaining mix of genres started and everyone seemed delighted by it.

The perfect start to a TurnStyle night, a seven-piece turned into a ten-piece. It was King Holiday’s time make everyone dance. And boy did they do a good job. They describe themselves as “psychedelic soul”. I think what makes every song so goddamn delicious is each member’s unique contribution to the band as a whole. In talking to the audience, I found that most were blown away, not having heard Kind Holiday before. I got high ratings from all corners of the room.

Next came TurnStyle’s freatured act of the evening, The Stepkids. Hailing from Connecticut, the trio banged out an incredible set, which featured several new songs from their upcoming second album. With it being their first New York show of 2013, they started off with a humbling “we’re so excited to be here!” But I’m pretty sure the crowd was more excited – I met several huge Stepkids fans who were thrilled to be there. I also met some newbies who had never heard them before.

New to this soul crew or not, everyone was into it. The Stepkids’ performances are always super unique. Clad in all-white attire with all-white instruments, they perform in front of a rad light show, created by the lighting designer, and considered a crucial fourth member of the band, Dave Pond. This psychedelic trio doesn’t have a sound I can re-create for you. They aren’t this band mixed with that band; they’re something no one has ever heard before, combined with an array of complex sounds that would make any true musician’s jaw drop.

The trio made fans out of everyone there, ending the show with not one, but two encores. The crowd brought them on again for a cover of “Suit and Tie” originally by Justin Timberlake, and then again for Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky”. Both renditions seemed to enthuse the audience even more.

Check out an epic moment from the night (my personal favorite) when The Stepkids jam out “Lottery” into the Bee Gees’, “Jive Talkin’” into “It’s All About the Benjamins” by Puff Daddy.

All in all, I would say it was a successful night of funk at the Brooklyn Bowl. Until the next show, stay groovy.


The Frizzy Blonde

Hitting the City With a Spring in Their Step

By | May, 22, 2013

The Wall Street Journal has published a brief write up about The Stepkids in regards to their show with us tonight at Brooklyn Bowl! Read the full article here, or grab a copy of the paper and check out the article on page A24. Either way, get yourself to this show tonight, it’s not to be missed!

Here is one last live clip of the band to show you why you need to be at Brooklyn Bowl tonight.

Leave It All On the Floor Tomorrow Night with The Stepkids

By | May, 21, 2013

Get fixed up to the nines, or don’t. Either way, come down to Brooklyn Bowl, tomorrow night (5/22/13) and get hot just like an oven with The Stepkids. Here’s another flawless cover of a current pop smash, “Suit & Tie” by Justin Timberlake. If this doesn’t get you excited for the show, you must be a Norwegian black metal purist, or something. Take a listen below, and get your tickets for tomorrow night’s show here. Oh, and don’t forget that every attendee will be automatically entered to win 2 passes to the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival!

Get Lucky with The Stepkids

By | May, 20, 2013

Check out this incredible jazz version of Daft Punk‘s instant disco funk classic, “Get Lucky”, as re-interpreted by The Stepkids! Their version has actually made it to the Wikipedia page for “Get Lucky”. Check out paragraph 2 in the ‘Release’ section. Make sure you come out on Wednesday (5/22/13) night to Brooklyn Bowl, so you can see the band live for yourself. Who knows, maybe they’ll do a full out electric version of this cover…I wouldn’t want to miss that! Just like I wouldn’t want to miss the chance to see the band, and many others this year at Bonnaroo. Every attendee will be automatically entered to win 2 passes to the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival!

Get your discounted tickets for Wednesday’s show, in advance here.

Last Call with The Stepkids

By | May, 17, 2013

The Stepkids were in LA a few weeks back performing at The Fonda Theatre, and were featured on Last Call with Carson Daly. Watch the clip below to get a high quality take on their live show, complete with a mesmerizing and completely unique light show. When the show originally aired on television Carson plugged our show at Brooklyn Bowl, next Wednesday, May 22nd, as well as the band’s Bonnaroo appearance. We will be giving away 2 tickets to the festival, to 2 lucky attendees, at the show on Wednesday! Don’t miss out on a great show and the opportunity to go to one of the best festivals in the country this June!