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Glide On This Moment in Time

By | February, 25, 2012

Here is a follow up to Thursday’s post. This song from Darker My Love at first listen seems morose compared to the fuzzy, sun-drenched “Summer Is Here”, but it is embedded with a subtle dose of optimism that really connects. Watch “Two Ways Out” below. Thanks to SXSW for not disabling the ‘Embed’ function.

Artist Spotlight – Laura Ganci

By | January, 24, 2012

Laura Ganci is a singer/songwriter from Connecticut who has been writing and singing for over ten years. With grave attention to lyrics and conveying emotion through storytelling, Laura’s songs “paint a picture” and have struck a chord with many first time listeners. I have actually seen people in bars stop their conversation when she begins to perform and listen intently through her entire set. Not an easy feat, given much of the music is either down tempo or deals with deeply personal issues. Watch the video for “Love Junkie” below. It has always been my favorite of her many great songs.

Make sure you also go to Fat Baby this Thursday, January 26th to see Laura perform live. Her set begins at 7:45pm sharp. You can purchase discounted tickets online through TurnStyle here.